Myths and Facts About outsourcing your payroll

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No Control over Payroll

There’s an awareness among some businesses regarding payroll that ‘If it’s not here, we can’t control it’ – but this is a myth. “Payroll data is submitted to us, then calculated and sent back to the client for approval. The payroll is never processed without a clients’ final approval and any changes are applied exactly as requested.”

There is a distinct difference between the management and control of payroll – with an outsourced solution in place, an organization retains complete control over their payroll but it is managed elsewhere.

So you gain expertise but don’t lose control.

2. Unreliable Services

In fact, an outsourced payroll service is able to provide reliable, accurate data processing month after month, year after year

An outsourced payroll service must provide confidentiality, processing accuracy and meet payment deadlines consistently otherwise its business will suffer. The high level of personal service Payroll Services provides ensures they achieve payslip accuracy levels in excess of 99.45% – it is unlikely that many in-house run payroll departments could boast the same statistics.

Payroll Services are very much reliable.

3. Data Security

Many business owners fear that payroll data stored outside the organization will be vulnerable to access or loss if systems break down. However, your data is likely to be more secure in an outsourced environment, as outsourced payroll providers invest heavily in the technology they use and will have robust disaster recovery systems in place. Our Payroll Services, for example, can have full back up and recovery of their systems within 8 hours of a disaster at their offices. Can you confidently say you could process your payroll in such a situation – and so quickly?

So any outsourced payroll data is in fact protected and kept ‘safe’ by law.

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