It is unnecessary to state that our Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Taxation services could save you a lot. Still, at the same time, we guarantee that bookkeeping is treated especially here, giving you an error-free book and also tailoring it to suit your requirements. It only comes with excellent practice in doing it. We have been doing bookkeeping significantly for the Australian market, and we could say that we are a pioneer in providing outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services.


We are technology agnostic which means we can work with any of the software you use.
Our Australia services include
Year-End Financials & Taxation Returns for Companies
BAS/GST Return
SMSF Accounts, Tax & Audit
Individual Tax Returns


We have an expertise of 7 years in knowing the operations of different businesses through the bookkeeping process. As a result, we provide guaranteed satisfaction and 100 % accuracy in maintaining the books and preparation of the book to your needs ensuring greater efficiency. In addition, our Expertise in the ability to work on any software ensures definite client satisfaction.
Accounting services Audentia financial-services


We offer BAS/GST return services to CPA firms in Australia with high superiority & exactitude, giving full attention to GST rules with a quick turnaround time. With our qualified, skilled, and proficient ACCOUNTING services team, we can provide efficient services to meet your BAS/GST return requirements. We prepare monthly or quarterly BAS/GST returns using various bookkeeping software used in Australia.
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We have experience producing accounts for all business sectors from Real estate to Retail, IT to Consulting, be it a Sole Proprietorship or a Limited Company or Partnership or any other entity. We have handled it already. We are technology agnostic which means we can work with any software you use—Sage Handisoft, CCH, MYOB, etc.
Accounting services Audentia financial-services


Audentia has experience in the preparation of financial statements for super funds. We work on ‘Simple Fund’ for an accounting of Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) for CPA Firms in Australia. All information provided by clients, such as Bank statements, dividend vouchers, and portfolio valuation statements, and rental income details, distribution details, is posted in Simple Funds to account for income & expenses for the SMSF. Audentia does SMSF audit jobs (back-office work) for CPA firms in Australia, for both financial audits and SIS audits.
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We provide a full personal tax compliance service for individual taxation returns. In addition, our team offers a well-organized and supportive service that will allow you to focus your time on other affairs.

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