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It is unnecessary to state that our Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Taxation services could save you a lot. Still, at the same time, we guarantee that bookkeeping is treated especially here, giving you an error-free book and also tailoring it to suit your requirements. It only comes with excellent practice in doing it. We have been doing bookkeeping significantly for the USA, and we could say that we are a pioneer in providing outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services.


We are technology agnostic which means we can work with any of the software you use.
Our USA services include
Book-Keeping Accounting and Finalization
Financial Reporting
Tax Return Preparation
Payroll Processing
Sales Tax


We have an expertise of 7 years in knowing the operations of different businesses through the bookkeeping process; we provide guaranteed satisfaction and 100 % accuracy in maintaining the books and preparation of the book to your needs ensuring greater efficiency. In addition, our Expertise in the ability to work on any software ensures definite client satisfaction.

Our Bookkeeping services include
Data Entry for Bank, Credit Card & Loan Statements
General Ledger Reviews
Year-End Adjustment for Depreciation, Loan Balance, Payroll, Out of Pocket Expenses, etc. Finalization of Books of A/C for preparing Business Return
Expenses etc. Finalization of Books of A/C for preparing Business Return
Accounting services


We support accounting firms in preparing Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Financial Statements, including Income & Expenditure Statements, Balance Sheets, & Cash Flow Statements. In addition, our dedicated team ensures an error-free financial reporting system empowering CPAs to focus on their core proficiencies.
Accounting services


Filing for taxes in the entire season by Individuals or businesses can be challenging. As the season approaches, most companies are swarmed for time to file taxes. Audentia guarantees a smooth tax filing process for individuals as well as businesses. Our expertise in the field warrants trouble-free documentation and on-time delivery ensures guaranteed cost and time savings for individuals and companies.

Our areas of expertise include
Individual Return (Form 1040)
Corporate Returns (Form 1120, the 1120S)
Partnership Return (Form 1065)
Accounting services


We provide complete payroll solutions to CA & CPA firms in the USA. We offer end-to-end payroll services at reasonable costs, helping you earn considerable margins and gaining time to focus on your core operations. Our professionally trained team takes the whole responsibility of the client’s payroll management, responding to all queries and sticking to all the compliances.

Our Payroll Services include
Processing of Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly Payroll from timesheet
Calculation of net paychecks
Calculation of Federal, State taxes for Employer & Employees
Preparing Quarterly and Annual Payroll Returns
End of the Year W-2’s & W-3 Preparation
Year-End Form 1099-Misc Processing
Filling of the State Payroll Form online
Making Federal & State Estimates Taxes payment online
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Sales Tax filing is a time-eating and workforce-oriented job, particularly during the entire season; it can shake the proficiency of CPA firms. Our sales tax filing capabilities can empower CPA firms to reduce the work pressure and assure zero error sales tax filing.

Our Sales Tax services for CPA’s include
Computation of Sales Tax
Online Filling of the Final Sales Tax Returns
Accounting servicesAccounting services Audentia financial-services