Pricing Models

Pricing  Models

Simplified , Agile and Tailored Pricing Model

Navigating Your Financial Needs with Transparent and Tailored Pricing Solutions from Audentia Financial Services

Adaptable, Transparent, and Cost-Effective Pricing Models

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
Ideal for expanding medium-sized CPA practices and progressive firms seeking all-encompassing accounting and bookkeeping solutions.

1. Committed teams for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation
2. Adaptability and scalability to match business needs
3. Ensured compliance and risk management
4. Top-notch security and data confidentiality Guaranteed quality and accuracy

Customized finance and accounting outsourcing solutions designed for larger enterprises and CPA firms with intricate accounting and bookkeeping demands.

Benefits (All the FTE Plan benefits+)
1. Utilization of a Global Talent Pool
2. Amplified Scalability and Rapid Expansion
3. Heightened Concentration on Core Proficiencies
4. Efficient Project Management and Time Conservation
5. Tailored and Adaptable Solutions

Pay as you Go
An impeccable strategy designed for small CPA firms and individual practitioners seeking professional accounting and bookkeeping assistance.

1. Budget-friendly support services
2. Precise tax preparation
3. Engagement on a project basis
4. Tailored for small CPA firms
5. Data security and compliance


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