We develop customized outsourcing solutions that add value to our client’s businesses to gain competitive advantage for them and to let them focus purely on their principal operations. We strive to be at the pinnacle of the outsourcing platform and to be the most preferred accounts and financial services provider globally.
Audentia envisions a world without financial worries, achieved through our dedicated team of experienced accountants who blend advanced technology with personalized care, tailoring services uniquely to each client while embracing innovation and cherishing the value of personal connections.
Audentia's essence is rooted in decades of upholding professionalism, ethics, and honesty. Our seasoned expertise fuels our team's dedication, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of services. Meeting deadlines is vital in accountancy, and we are committed to presenting essential data promptly and adhering to our clients' timelines.
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Founded in 2012, Audentia is a leading Accounting, Tax, and Financial Services Company that has quickly risen to prominence. With registered offices in the UK and India, Audentia offers advanced technology-driven accounting and tax solutions that provide cost-effective and high-quality services to CA, CPA firms, and business owners worldwide. Our extensive experience involves collaborating closely with Accounting and Tax experts in key markets including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and Australia. We possess a deep understanding of the regulatory and legal frameworks governing financial compliance.

We cater to businesses of all sizes, whether they are CPA, CA, and CTA firms, Enrolled Agents, proprietors, freelancers, accountants, tax accountants, or firms aiming to establish new ventures or enhance their existing operations without significant investments.

Audentia Financial Services was founded with the vision of meeting the needs of individuals connected to the realms of Accounting, Tax, and Financial Services. Our pursuit of excellence is unwavering. We don't settle for customer satisfaction; our aim is to amaze you with our results.

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We're not your typical outsourced firm. With over 100 accounting experts, we seamlessly blend into your team, handling staff training and management. Our unique, fast, flexible, reliable, and affordable outsourcing model makes us the preferred choice for clients.

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Over 89% of our clients are up and running within 5 days
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We are software-neutral, capable of working with any software you utilize.

Are you overwhelmed with requisition overload? We have the answer to streamline your process.

Audentia addresses critical challenges faced by CPAs and firms in USA & Canada, including tax season workload, limited time for strategic growth, talent scarcity, and evolving pandemic-related regulations. Our extensive suite of accounting outsourcing services offers effective solutions to these concerns and more.

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